Vicky's Burger At Vicky's Burger we don't just have burgers but also delicious milkshakes and also a range of fantastic desserts to round off your meal, they are worth the calories.

You can enjoy our various fast foods like sandwich, toast,pancake,etc.

Chosen as the official burger at several major venues, to be enjoyed by the fans, it is sure to please the crowd at your house too. Why dont you come and give us a try?

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Turkey Burger
Only $3.30
Chilli Cheese Fry
Only $4.65
502 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408
(909) 888 1171 /(909) 888 2399
(909) 888 0699
Monday - Friday
6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday & Sunday
7 AM to 3 PM
We Accept :
 & ATM Available Inside
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